An art project about a ROOM – a room of one’s own – a room to breathe in, a room that breathes, that crosses time, sense and sensibility. 

Writer/director           Lene Therese Teigen

Visual Artist                Ingrid Aarset

Composer                    Thuridur Jonsdottir

Light Designer            Thomas Bruvik

Performer                     Idun Vik

Dramaturge                 Elin Grinaker

Advisor/Livia-expert Lovisa Brännstedt

Livia’s Room, now exhibited in the national Roman Museum Palazzo Massimo in Rome, is the starting point for this project. A subterranean room with frescoes on all walls: An grand variety of species of trees, bushes, flowers and birds of all species in a forest landscape of cool bluish-turqiose cokours. The garden room was originally part of Villa di Livia just outside Rome, likely a cool retreat in the hot summer months in the roman period for Livia, the emperor Augustus’ wife. She has been called one of the most evil women in history. She was one of many women who did not keep the boundaries for what a women should and could do. Her reputation is based on texts written by historians from the roman period, who could not accept that women had power.

Preproduction is supported by Nordic Culture Fund and Dramatikkens Hus/NCNP.

All photos from Workshop#1 at KMD/University of Bergen June 2018


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