Cry, cry,
poets of my country
trunks of the same root,
of the life that put us together.
And if you weren’t by my side,
then fado wouldn’t exist
nor fadistas as I am!
(from the fado Loucura – text by Frederico de Brito)

Performing arts with fado & tango music, a story by writer/director Lene Therese Teigen, available in English and translated to Portuguese by Pedro Fernandes. The project is initiated by Lene Therese Teigen and Norwegian singer/actress Ida Holten Worsøe. Producer: Irene Sødal.

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We took part in the EEA Grants event «Connecting Dots – Matchmaking Seminar». Looking forward to discuss a possible partnership with some of the people we met there.

Early morning in a trainstation waiting room café. Some people are there already – others will arrive. All of them are lonely souls who need a place to be while they are waiting.

In the story a diversity of characters unified by a sense of restlessness and longing are brought together. Fado becomes the vehicle to connect and move on, enhanced by low-key tango-elements.. It has become a story about loneliness, longing and sad fates – and about how music becomes a way to keep alive. Love dies and love emerges out of these people meeting through music. The story is a little decadent, like we make the old-fashioned films come alive in an atmos-phere which also are the stories of Europe today.
The idea is to find existing suitable locations in addition to stages that allow for the audience to be included. We aim for the audience to be immersed by the per-formance, and want to create an experience which invites the audience to join the performers at the end of the play.
Eight performers on stage, 4 female, 4 male:
3 singers/actors, 2 older dancers/actors and
3 musicians. Singers with fado knowledge, dancers with elementary tango knowledge.

The text has twelve songs integrated: A surprising mix of seven exquisite Fados, one Brazilian waltz, one European Song Contest winner, a song from the opera Dido and Aeneas, and two great tangos.
The musical landscape will be a mix of these existing songs, but also new compositions, depending on our collaborators and what they want to bring into the work.

FADO WHILE WAITING: This musical theatre concept has been developed through research into fado and tango since 2017, and will be great as a touring performance. We intend to create a performance that includes music, theatre and dance, as well as film and sound design. In Portugal we aim to find a partner with insight and desire to experiment with bringing Fado into musical theatre. The idea is to use real locations, create a closeness to the audience and even include them at the end of the play. We hope to find a partner in Portugal that will enter into a cooperation with us to create musical theatre that pushes musical and performative boundaries while still performing Fado with sincerity. We invite our collaborators to influence the final version of the play, and welcome their skills to be incorporated into the production. The intension for a partnership is to establish the ideal mix of a Portuguese and Norwegian production team, as well as performers from both countries. We hope for a partner that complements us and that this will result in a long-term working relationship. We believe this is musical theatre suited for a diverse audience, for many different types of locations, and that it will be relevant also outside of the homeland of Fado.
BACKGROUND: Writer/director Lene Therese Teigen lived one year in Portugal with her husband and son in 2007 – 2008. During that year, Lene sought out places where Fado was performed and started exploring the history of Fado. Moving back to Norway, Teigen met actress/singer Ida Holten Worsøe. She got a part in the Portuguese feature film «A morte de Carlos Gardel» by Solveig Nordlund, based on the novel by A.L.Antunes. Through her work in Portugal, Ida was intrigued by fado, also as she earlier in her career had been told that her voice had «fado potential». Ida studied fado in Norway, with Vigdis Augusta Yran Dale who sang in Lisboa as Augusta for some years. Ida also had lessons in Lisboa before she sang in an Alfama restaurant to much applause, with Teigen present. They then decided to make musical theatre with fado at its core.
When Teigen startet to work with the idea to Fado while waiting, she was also working with the play Time without books – which deals with people who live on after having lived in a dictatorship for a number of years. That project was connected to Uruguay. She found that some of the research material was related; reading about Fado brought her to thoughts on how to deal with memories. This is the core in both works – even if their outcome is different. The other similarity concerns how she integrates the role of the audience into the writing itself. This means that to deal with her texts forces artists to bring the audience into the actual story by acknowledging the “togetherness” of theatre.


Lene Therese Teigen, (MA theatre studies), writer/director. She has developed and written Fado while waiting. Since 1990 Teigen has created film, radio drama and above all theatre, as well as published 4 novels and 8 plays. Her plays have performed on all continents as well as in Norway. She is the founder of House of Stories. lene@houseofstories.no


Ida Holten Worsøe, singer/actress – BA in music-theatre from The Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg, Sweden. Nationally she has starred in both musicals and other plays, at most of the Norwegian theatres. Internationally she has been touring with Jo Strømgren Kompani for several years. In 2020 she is to be seen as Sally Bowles in the musical Cabaret, at one of the major stages in Norway. www.idahw.no


Producer Irene Sødal holds a BFA in film and TV production from New York University. She produces film and content for all media and platforms in Norway and inter-nationally, and has previous experience from working in Portugal.

irene@houseofstories.no – Irene Sødal, producer



HOUSE OF STORIES is an indepen-dent arts production company with experience from numerous internat-ional collaborations. We have created and produced projects for theatre, film, TV and radio drama since 1998. Dedicated to providing forward think-ing experiences, breaking down the barriers of traditional theatre and music performance that heightens colla-boration with various art forms, we seek to explore new approaches for audience participation.
We have coproduced and produced with major theatres in Norway, as well as touring companies, and a number of organizations and universities, and also film- and TV-companies. Inter-nationally we have had collaborations in Sweden, Italy, South Africa, Indo-nesia, Canada, Uruguay. Elin Grinaker is dramaturge (literary advisor) in the company. House of Stories is a member of NORWEGIAN PERFORMING ARTS HUB.
For Fado while waiting we collaborate with Baerum Culture House, one of the leading Municipal Programming Houses in Norway.(www.baerumkulturhus.no).
The text has been developed with support from The Norwegian Audio and Visual Fund. Fado while waiting has been part of a development programme at Music Theatre Forum Norway.
The translation is funded by NORLA – Norwegian Literature Abroad.

Find us at facebook: Fado while waiting



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